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Hi Athena,

Just wanted to say *Great Job*. I Really liked your suggestions.

Bob J. NY


I'm so glad I found this site before gettin my tatoo. Tattoo looks coooool! x

Suzie K. Toronto

Fantastic service Athena. Expect more requests from my buddies.

Jay. Sacramento

Miss Min,

Looks very nice with Character from you. I feel pride. Thanking you from Singapore

Tam S. Singapore


AWESOME symbols. Thanx for the cool suggestions.

Brad M. Wyoming

Hey Athena,

My gf says you *rock*. She loved the translation of my name. Shes gonna order a translation for her mom this week.

Peter S . Iowa


COOOL characters :) You are so clever. I LOVE the translation you did for me. Thanks a lot.

Jolie M . NZ


I've tried other sites and they are a rip off. Your stuff is THE BEST. My brother will be ordering from you next week, look out for an order from Jake.

Alan W . NY


Great site, great products. I love my tattoo thanks to you.

Helen G. Notts (UK)

Min Athena,

Even for Chinese tattoo character from your is better than from most native. Thank you for suggestion on me.

Jackie Wong - AUS



Tattoo Information

I hope you find the tattoo information below useful.

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Tattoos in lesser known Chinese tribes play a vital role in cultural identity. We explore this fascinating subject area.

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It seems that half the population under 30 now have lower back tattoos. Just what makes them so popular?

Chinese Tattoo History
Chinese history stretches back in time over 3,000 years. We look into 'Ci Shen' why they are so important to Chinese.

Tattoo Translation Scams
Danger - Ugly boy translations! A dramatic example of why you need to be careful when getting your chinese tattoo translation.
Chinese Kanji Tattoos vs Japanese Kanji Tattoos
There is a lot of confusion over what the difference is between Chinese characters and Japanese Kanji. It's important to understand before you get tattooed.
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