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Hi Athena,

Just wanted to say *Great Job*. I Really liked your suggestions.

Bob J. NY


I'm so glad I found this site before gettin my tatoo. Tattoo looks coooool! x

Suzie K. Toronto

Fantastic service Athena. Expect more requests from my buddies.

Jay. Sacramento

Miss Min,

Looks very nice with Character from you. I feel pride. Thanking you from Singapore

Tam S. Singapore


AWESOME symbols. Thanx for the cool suggestions.

Brad M. Wyoming

Hey Athena,

My gf says you *rock*. She loved the translation of my name. Shes gonna order a translation for her mom this week.

Peter S . Iowa


COOOL characters :) You are so clever. I LOVE the translation you did for me. Thanks a lot.

Jolie M . NZ


I've tried other sites and they are a rip off. Your stuff is THE BEST. My brother will be ordering from you next week, look out for an order from Jake.

Alan W . NY


Great site, great products. I love my tattoo thanks to you.

Helen G. Notts (UK)

Min Athena,

Even for Chinese tattoo character from your is better than from most native. Thank you for suggestion on me.

Jackie Wong - AUS



Chinese lower back tattoos

Chinese characters make great lower back tattoos but do you know how long have they been popular and why?

Way back in the nineteen nineties, lower back tattoos stated to become very fashionable forms of 'skin art' for younger ladies.

Lower back tattoos are usually rectangular and symmetrical with the design following the curves on each side of the lady's back bone.

I was thinking the other day and I don't actually know any men who have a lower back tattoo.

As far as I know they are exclusively worn by women. With the fashion for low cut jeans there is no question that they can make ladies look incredibly attractive. I love them.

Due to the feminine nature of lower back tattoos, the designs are deliberately created to highlight the sexy curves of ladies figures.

Lower back tattoos have really only been popular for about 10 years and some people still feel uncomfortable about them as they think they are too cheeky. I can understand this as by displaying tattoos low on the back just above where the buttock crease starts they are much more overtly sexual in statement than other parts of the body. In China were society is stuff much stricter than in the west, they are very rarely seen. Certainly many parents would be shocked if their daughter would to come home with a lower back tattoo. In a way I find this ironic given that some chinese tribes still sport tribal tattoos on their face!

Fans of lower back tattoos often feel that by showing their body art openly and (sometimes) provocatively the are demonstrating their independence and new-found sexual assertiveness. Some people think that tattoos in this position on a woman's body is 'cheap' or displays traits of 'being low class' or even shows that they might be a prostitutes. These are extreme views held by minorities and I think as time goes by people will consider them as more normal or mainstream.

Very sexy lower back tattoo

So why are lower back tattoos so popular?

I think there are a number of reasons why lower back tattoos are so incredibly popular.

Even though the lower back is far from being the widest area of the human back (after all, if it was we'd have no hips or bottom!) there is plenty of room on a relatively flat surface to a good sized tattoo.

Also, because the muscles of the lower back are strong and the spine does not flex much towards its however extremity, there is a much less chance that the tattoo design will stretch as the women gets older or her weight changes - be that withy pregnancy or just 'life".

One of my fiends is a 'secret biker'. During the week she can hide her lower back tattoo under her business suit. At the weekends the cropped jeans come out and she's a rock chick with a tattoo. Her boss doesn't even know :)

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