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Hi Athena,

Just wanted to say *Great Job*. I Really liked your suggestions.

Bob J. NY


I'm so glad I found this site before gettin my tatoo. Tattoo looks coooool! x

Suzie K. Toronto

Fantastic service Athena. Expect more requests from my buddies.

Jay. Sacramento

Miss Min,

Looks very nice with Character from you. I feel pride. Thanking you from Singapore

Tam S. Singapore


AWESOME symbols. Thanx for the cool suggestions.

Brad M. Wyoming

Hey Athena,

My gf says you *rock*. She loved the translation of my name. Shes gonna order a translation for her mom this week.

Peter S . Iowa


COOOL characters :) You are so clever. I LOVE the translation you did for me. Thanks a lot.

Jolie M . NZ


I've tried other sites and they are a rip off. Your stuff is THE BEST. My brother will be ordering from you next week, look out for an order from Jake.

Alan W . NY


Great site, great products. I love my tattoo thanks to you.

Helen G. Notts (UK)

Min Athena,

Even for Chinese tattoo character from your is better than from most native. Thank you for suggestion on me.

Jackie Wong - AUS



History of Chinese Tattoos

Chinese tattoos - or 'Ci Shen' in Chinese - have been around for thousands of years. We look at the history.

Given the current popularity of Chinese tattoos you might be surprised to learn that for a long time tattooing in China was regarded as a 'bad' thing.

The reason for this is because it violates the body. In fact the literal translation of the chinese words for tattooing, "Ci Shen", is "to puncture the body”.

Westerners may find it hard to understand this concept but it is very deep in our culture.

A very famous Chinese novel mentions tattooing in the story of outlaws from the Mount Liang area of China.

The backdrop for the story is 12th century China and concerns 108 tribesmen from an illegal tribal leader whose name was Song Jiang. 3 of of the main characters apparently had tattoos which covered their entire bodies.

Their is not doubt that the amongst the most famous Chinese tattoo is that of the legendary Chinese military leader, Yueh Fei. He lead armies during a period of Chinese history known as the South Song

The reason why history records is exploits is that he was incredibly unlucky as during a battle with some soldiers from northern China, his second in command deserted him and defected to the enemies side bring great shame upon him.

He could not bear it and quit the army traveled back home to his mother's house. I am not sure if he was expecting sympathy but he did not get it. HIs mom was very annoyed with him and told that his primary objective should be to protect China - even if other people let him down along the way.

So that he would never forget this fact, she tattooed 4 Chinese characters on his back with a needle that she used to sew and repair clothes. The Characters do not have a direct equivalent in English but their meaning would have been clear in ancient Chinese times. They means "Serve China and be loyal even in the face of death".

There is a darker side to Chinese Tattoos as well. At some points in Chinese history Chinese tattoos were also used to mark criminals. Often outlaws who had been found guilty of terrible crimes would have to have tattoos etched on their faces before being banished to a distant land.

This meant that even if they made it back into society years later everyone would still know they were a bad guy as the tattoos were as permanent as they are today. This was called "Ci Pei" which literally translated means "Tattoo Banishment". Even today, some people still associate Chinese tattoos with mafia type ganster families.

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