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Hi Athena,

Just wanted to say *Great Job*. I Really liked your suggestions.

Bob J. NY


I'm so glad I found this site before gettin my tatoo. Tattoo looks coooool! x

Suzie K. Toronto

Fantastic service Athena. Expect more requests from my buddies.

Jay. Sacramento

Miss Min,

Looks very nice with Character from you. I feel pride. Thanking you from Singapore

Tam S. Singapore


AWESOME symbols. Thanx for the cool suggestions.

Brad M. Wyoming

Hey Athena,

My gf says you *rock*. She loved the translation of my name. Shes gonna order a translation for her mom this week.

Peter S . Iowa


COOOL characters :) You are so clever. I LOVE the translation you did for me. Thanks a lot.

Jolie M . NZ


I've tried other sites and they are a rip off. Your stuff is THE BEST. My brother will be ordering from you next week, look out for an order from Jake.

Alan W . NY


Great site, great products. I love my tattoo thanks to you.

Helen G. Notts (UK)

Min Athena,

Even for Chinese tattoo character from your is better than from most native. Thank you for suggestion on me.

Jackie Wong - AUS



Chinese Tattoo Characters Custom Translated For You

Stand out from the crowd with a unique Chinese Tattoo you can be proud of

Chinese symbol tattoos look cool but why settle for the same boring Chinese characters as everyone else? Now you can be different and get Chinese characters perfectly matched to you.

Dear Chinese Tattoo Fan,

Are you searching for Chinese tattoo symbols which look great AND express your individual personality and style?

Whether it's your Chinese name translation you want or a totally original suggestion, you've come to the right place.

My name is Athena Min from Beijing and I'm going to make sure you get symbols for your Chinese tattoo design which are perfect for you.

Chinese Tattoo expert

Click to
listen to my

Personal Message

*** Newsflash - CNN Interview ***

Click video above to watch Athena interviewed live on CNN International 4th August 2008
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Personally Selected
Chinese Symbol Tattoo Ideas

Just imagine how FANTASTIC you'll feel knowing that the Chinese symbols on your tattoo have been carefully selected just for you an expert Chinese linguist.

Your tattoo will feature Chinese Characters which match perfectly with your personality and individual preferences.


Thank you so much.

Originality is important to me, especially in my ink work. Thank you so much for your time and input. If you have a myspace account I would love to feature you.

Simone - USA

Chinese symbol tattoos have been popular for several years now. Unfortunately that means that the same old designs keep turning up time after time.

Let's face it, one of the main reasons for having a tattoo is to celebrate your individuality. Why waste a valuable opportunity to express your unique personality by choosing the same design as hundreds or even thousands of other people?

Your tattoo soon becomes part of you. You need a design which you can be proud of and one which you'll enjoy telling people the story behind.

Down to chinese tatoos

Introducing your
Custom Chinese Characters
for Tattoos

Down to chinese tatoos

Chinese characters uniquely selected for you


I've been helping people select Chinese symbols which are best suited to them since I left university in Beijing over 5 years ago.

During that time I've developed a very simple but highly effective system for selecting Chinese characters based on the personality traits, interests and personal preferences of my clients.

I've refined the system over the years and have used it to delight over 500 clients with my selections.

It's this very same system which I'm going to use to select the Chinese characters which are perfect for you.

Chinese tattoo - How it works left

How it works

Chinese tatoo - How it works right

As soon as your online payment is received the following process kicks in - immediately!

Chinese Tattoo step 1

STEP 1 - I email you a link to my specially designed online personal questionnaire. You have fun answering a few simple questions about yourself and what you want your tattoo to say.

Chinese tattoos step 2

STEP 2 - Using your answers, I get to work on selecting the best Chinese symbols for your tattoo.

Chinese Tattoos step 3

STEP 3 - I email you your own personal report which includes 3 different suggestions as to the best Chinese characters for you - and the reasons why I chose them.

The whole process takes a few enjoyable minutes of your time and I GUARANTEE you'll be delighted with the results.

Chinese tattoo benefits  left


Chinese tattoo benefits  right

Maybe you are asking yourself for just one good reason why you should get personalized Chinese symbols from me instead of simply buying a book or surfing the net?

Well, here's *three* good reasons to consider....

Chinese tattoo reason 1

Perfect Personality Match - Forget the templates and 'cookie cutters' which others use. You get Chinese Characters which match perfectly with *your* style & personality.

Chinese tattoos reason 2

Unique & Personalized - The Chinese 'alphabet' consists of over 10,000 symbols, I'll find the exact ones which are right for you - and only for you.

Chinese tatoos reason 1

Avoid embarrassment - Avoid the risk of choosing Chinese characters which say something inappropriate and highly embarrassing (see later section).

Your tattooist will be able to use the Chinese characters which I select for you to create tattoos which are as unique and individual as you are.

Make no mistake, I do not use some clever automated process to churn out dumb suggestions. Each and every customer receives my full personal attention.

I'm sure you'll agree that, when it comes to something as important and personal as your tattoo, information from a book or fancy website is no substitute for help from a real person. After all, you can't ask a book or website questions!

Here's exactly what you get in your
Custom Chinese Characters for Tattoos Pack

Chinese Tattoo 1

Not just 1 but 3 completely different and original Chinese character suggestions based on your individual personal preferences.

Chinese symbols
Chinese Tattoos 2

Clear pictures of the characters enabling your tattooist to incorporate them directly into your tattoo design.

Chinese Tatoos 3

Detailed descriptions of the meanings of each character so you have a permanent record.

tatto 4

1 month's *FREE* email support so you can ask me questions.

Chinese Tattoo warning

Don't risk being permanently disfigured

Remember, unless you are prepared to go through painful and expensive tattoo removal procedures, tattoos are permanent. Don't risk being permanently disfigured with an inappropriate Chinese tattoo design.

Did you know:

Chinese Tattoo warning 1


Many tattoo artists do not know the true meaning of the Chinese symbols in their catalog.

Chinese Tattoo warning 2


Many Chinese symbols look very similar but mean completely different things. One mistake by your tattooist and you're scared for life.

Chinese Tattoo warning 3


Some Chinese symbols are completely inappropriate for tattoos and risk causing offense or embarrassment.

As a native Chinese speaker I am often shocked to see western people sporting tattoos featuring completely inappropriate Chinese characters.

It's obvious their owners didn't bother to find out what the Chinese symbols meant before they had them done. If they knew what they said, they would have them removed in an instant.

Here's an example of what can go wrong from our local newspaper. An 18 year old man unwittingly had "ugly boy" tattooed on his arm and now has to spend over $1,000 to have it removed.

Chinese Tattoo Characters

Picture courtesy of

Just in case you can't see the graphics, here's some examples of other phrases which are often tattooed as sick 'jokes'.

  • A fool and his money are easily parted.

  • Always read the small print.

  • I'm stupid enough to think this tattoo looks cool!

Don't risk it.


Thank you so much.

Chinese tattoo picture

I was looking at the symbols at the tattoo place I go to but I was scared I'd end up getting something that says something totally opposite since I don't know Chinese or Kanji.

That's when I researched it and found you. You gave me 3 options and one of those fits me perfectly and basically describes the meaning of my name and I had it incorporated into the tattoo I wanted. So here is a pic of me and a pic of the tattoo. Thanks a lot you are the best.

Sandy - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Chinese name tattoo pic

The personal service I provide is great value but I am sure you'll agree that my time-limited special offer below turns great value into truly AMAZING!! value.

chinee tatttoo down

Order before 1st November 2018
and you'll receive the following
completely FREE of charge.

Super Bonus #1 - "Meanings of Chinese Characters for Tattoos" ebook worth $8.95



Meanings of Chinese tattoos down

You get a copy of my 17 page ebook Meaning of Chinese Characters for Tattoos ebook featuring the meanings of many of the most popular kanji for tattoos.

Super Bonus #2 - "Chinese love tattoos" ebook of hot Chinese symbols worth $6.95



Meanings of Chinese Charcters for Tattoos ebook

Chinese love tattoos down

Receive a copy of my ebook Chinese Love Tattoos featuring 6 pages of some of the hottest Chinese symbols used to express love through tattoos.

Super Bonus #3 - Personal recording of your Chinese symbol sounds worth $2.95



chinese symbols sounds

Actually hear how beautiful your personal Chinese symbols sound when pronounced in traditional Chinese. I'll create an audio file which explains exactly how to say your Chinese characters in traditional Mandarin Chinese.

Super Bonus #4 - Two famous Tattoo design ebooks worth $7.95



Got ink tattoos ebook

free tattoo designs down

Got Ink? ebook. Complete Tattoo guide on selecting, getting and caring for your tattoo. PLUS 500 Tattoo Designs 176 Pages.

Tattoos Unlimited ebook. Over 300 Tattoo Designs in Full Color and Black & White ready to be printed and inked. 153 Pages.

Super Bonus #5 - Fascinating "History of Tattoos" ebook worth $6.95



History of tattoos

History of tattoos down

This fascinating 14 page full colour ebook explains the origins of the word TATTOO and gives a brief history of how tattoos have changed over the last 12,000 years.

Super Bonus #6 - 190 amazing Tattoo Designs worth $12.95



butterfly tattoos

Butterfly tattoo designs down

Black & White tattoos are always in fashion and these two ebooks contain an incredible 190 designs featuring butterflies and Celtic animals.

Tip: Many of my customers combine the custom Chinese character which I provide with ideas from these ebooks to create amazing unique designs for their tattoos.

Too good to be true?

I wouldn't blame you for being skeptical. So...

Let's hear from some of my previous customers

chinese tatttoo down

Hi Athena,

I absolutely love your website. Thanks so much for my symbols!

Can't wait to get the tattoo. My 4 girlfriends and I are all getting it done. I will send you pics of us and our tattoos as soon as we are finished! I highly recommend this website to all my friends and to the tattoo artist. Thanks again for the great service!

Donnamae - Clifton, NJ

chinese tatttoo down


I have been wanting to get these for a long time but was unsure until i came across your web site.

I am really happy with your package as it gave me a lot of ideas and confidence in choosing which Chinese/Japanese characters. Thanks Again.

Darren - Melbourne, Australia

chinese tatttoo down

Hi Athena,

Your customer service for ordering the tattoo designs through you and your website was exceptional.

What I got (all the e-mails and attachments) and the good communication with you to answer any of my questions far exceeded my expectations!

I didn't know I would be able to have any conversations with you let alone such good quick responses to my questions. On a scale from 1-10 you were a 10+. I was very pleased with all you were able to do and will refer you to all my friends who are interested in your services.

Josh - USA

chinese tatttoo down

Hi Athena

Attached are a couple of pictures of myself and my tattoo.

Thank you so much for designing my Chinese characters, Athena; I am very happy with the way they look.

Having you design them made me feel confident that they said exactly what I wanted! Thank you so much.

Kelly Watt - Queensland, Australia

chinese tatttoo down

I wasn't sure about getting a tattoo containing Chinese lettering but after speaking to Athena she seemed very genuine and made it sound like a very good idea.

I was given loads of really good ideas by Athena and after speaking with her about my choice of tattoo she made it really personal and gave me exactly what i wanted.

After having it done I love my tattoo and am extremely grateful to Athena. Would do it all over again for twice the price, thanks a million Athena!

Ben Dickinson - United Kingdom


Finally, here’s one last thing to remove any hesitation you might have about getting your own personalized Chinese tattoo symbols from me:

Chinese tattoos guarentee

I am so confident that you'll be *delighted* with the Chinese symbols I select for you that I am backing my recommendations with my cast iron, hassle free, 3 YEAR MONEY BACK GUARENTEE. No small print, no weasel words. Please read the next paragraph carefully because it's important.

"If, at any time during the next 3 YEARS, you decide that you don't like my selections, I will refund your money in full. Not only that, I *insist* you keep the bonuses as my gift to you."

Athena Min

OK, enough already

So how much does it cost?

By now I am sure you're thinking that a truly personalized service like this must be very expensive. Indeed, I have seen people asking over $100 for personalized services similar to these - and that's without the free bonuses!.

In the past I've sold this package for $97.95 and done very well.

UPDATE: you arrived at this page just in time to take advantage of a special marketing test: for the next few days I've dropped the price to just US$47.95 (for a limited time only). I'm doing this to see if the increase in sales outweighs my lower profit margin. Please (I'm asking nicely!) do not email me and get upset if you try to order in few days and I'm no longer accepting orders at this special discounted rate.


My price today is

ONLY US$47.95

(Yes, you read it right, under fifty bucks!)

Better still, I'm including *6* valuable bonuses for people who order early.

Let's recap *exactly* what you are getting for your money:

chinese tattoo flower
Chinese tattoo summary 1


Your personal Custom Chinese Characters for Tattoos Pack including 1 month free email support

Worth US$97.99

Chinese tattoos summary 2


FREE bonus ebooks

Worth US$43.75

Chinese tatoo summary 3


FREE pronunciation guide

Worth US$2.95


Total US$144.69

Total value US$144.69 but, if you purchase today, you pay just US$47.95 for the whole bundle. That's an incredible discount of more than 67%!!

You get *EVERYTHING* you see below. Now is that a deal or what?

Don't miss out on saving $96.74 - that's a discount of over 67% on the full purchase price of $144.69 but it won't be available for long. Order today.

Chinese tattoos

chinese tatttoo downchinese tatttoo downchinese tatttoo down

Chinese tattoos full pack

Chinese flash tattoos
Chinese tattoos start flash tattoos
Chinese tattoos flash flash tattoo

chinese tatttoo down

Get your Custom
Chinese Characters for Tattoos Pack
Free Super Bonuses
*** RIGHT NOW ***
only US$47.95

flash tattoos
flash tattoo

I sincerely hope you like the custom Chinese characters I select for you. Remember, your purchase is 100% risk free as it's fully covered by my 3 year money back guarantee.


Chinese symbol expert sig

Athena Min

p.s. Make no mistake, what you’ll get here is personal service and the benefit of my years of experience. You are buying original content and valuable resources created by me which are not available anywhere else.

p.p.s.s. REMEMBER the FREE Super bonuses will be available until 1st November 2018 so order now to avoid disappointment.

If you like my site, PLEASE share it!

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